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My Digital Farmer | Marketing Strategies for Farmers

Dec 30, 2020

Are CSAs on the rise? Here to stay? Or on the decline? In this episode, I invite Claire Strader from the CSA Fairshare Coalition, to share recent data from her coalition member survey. We take a look back at 2020, and ask: "Where is CSA going in the future?"

Dec 23, 2020

People don't buy based on your product's features. They buy based on your product's results. In this episode, we talk about the importance of knowing your product's "promised result," and learning how to lead with THAT as you go for the sale.

Dec 16, 2020

Building a promotion plan isn't just figuring out a plan for what you want to SELL. It also should include marketing strategies for getting your prospects and customers to do OTHER things. We talk through what those "other things" are in this training.

Dec 9, 2020

In this episode, I walk you through my process for developing my annual promotional calendar. I walk through the 8 steps we follow every year. You'll learn the questions you need to ask along the way so that you can create your own promo plan that will guide your sales process.

Dec 2, 2020

Sales don't "just happen." In great businesses, there are repeatable systems that ensure that certain actions happen over and over again. In this podcast, I share 8 of the most important systems you need to optimize to build happy customers and more profits.