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My Digital Farmer | Marketing Strategies for Farmers

May 3, 2023

How important is it to inspire your customers with your business? In today's podcast, I dig into that question with flower farmer Lyndsay Biehl of Wildroot Flower Company. Over the last 6 years, she has slowly built an organic following of super-fans. And after our conversation, I have my suspicions that it's  not just because her flowers are beautiful.... Listen to Lyndsay's messaging, and you'll hear phrases like: "I believe in you... you deserve it... slow down... admire the beauty around you... be present... connect with those you love." Lyndsay inspires people to believe transformation is possible. She is the "attractive character" everyone yearns to become. She speaks a word of hope into their existence. In today's episode, you'll not only hear tactical strategies Lyndsay is using to manage "all the marketing things" in her business. You'll be reminded to invite your customers into your deeper why and show them what's possible.

What could your inspiring message be?...

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Who is Lyndsay Biehl?

Lyndsay Biehl is the owner of Wildroot Flower Co in Marietta, OH, and a co-host of The Dirt on Flowers podcast. She has over 20 years of commercial growing experience and is a Landscape Horticulture graduate from The Ohio State University. Lyndsay caught the flower bug at a young age and created Wildroot Flower Co as a way to connect her community with flowers and themselves.  Wildroot is in its seventh year of business and grows seasonal cut flowers from March-October. Their customers enjoy their flowers through a seasonal CSA, on-farm workshops, and a flower U-pick. Agritourism is the heart of her farm, and she loves sharing her infectious energy about flowers with her loyal flower community. 


Instagram: @wildroot_flowerco

Lyndsay's Podcast:The Dirt on Flowers Podcast

Some of the resources mentioned in this episode:

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