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My Digital Farmer | Marketing Strategies for Farmers

Jul 19, 2023

How important are consistency and persistence in sales?

Turns out, pretty important for Red Handle Farm. In today's episode, I interview Bridget McMillion, who shares her story of how she cultivated new florist clients for her cut flower product line by showing up EVERY week all summer long at the florists' shop with her product. After months of no sales, she finally got them to convert. And now they are regular clients. 

Bridget has a ton of wisdom to share -- even though she's only been doing this for a year. She brings her background in sales to the table and we talk shop. 

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Hit play and let's get started!

Who is Bridget McMillion?

Bridget McMillion is the owner of Red Handle Farm. She was raised by her grandparents on a farm in Amelia County Virginia and lives in sight of the home where her grandfather was born in 1928. She is a board certified health coach who understands the importance of eating fresh food, getting daily exercise and the mental health benefits of being in nature. Bridget stepped back from her coaching position in 2022 to focus her energies on revitalizing the family farm with the help of her 2 adult children & grandson, who also live, work & play on the land with her. She & her family strive to continue the legacy of this multi-generational farm by producing flowers, field grown fruits & veggies, and forest products. 

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