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My Digital Farmer | Marketing Strategies for Farmers

Sep 21, 2022

What is the secret behind my CSA's incredibly loyal fan base? How are we scoring a 93% retention rate every year?

What if it's not about the vegetables?

In today's episode, I interview my MVP, Cadie Jardin. Cadie is a member of my farm team. We call her our "CSA Coach," and her job is to make sure my CSA members feel supported in their quest to become successful foodies and local eaters. She also manages our CSA's private Facebook group, and creates weekly video training content for my tribe, as well as recipes.

In this interview, we peel back the layers of customer support in our CSA. We talk through the challenges that new CSA rookies face and how we guide them through the 3-year journey to mastery. We talk about the power of the membership community in helping them along. And we give specifics on what kind of content will move the needle forward for your customers.

This conversation will give you a new perspective on what your customer is thinking, what they NEED, and what they actually WANT from you. 

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