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My Digital Farmer | Marketing Strategies for Farmers

Aug 17, 2022

Every now and then, I run into a fantastic sales funnel example in the real world in another industry. When it happens, I take notes, so I can share it with you.

This week, I'm breaking down the sales funnel of my son's orthodontist. You see, in a matter of 7 days, Kurt and I decided to write a big fat check for $6000 to this Downey Orthodontics in Bowling Green. How did he pull that off so fast? That's no small feat!

Looking back, I can see SO MANY small steps that were engineered by their sales team. They had a PROCESS they were executing like a machine! I was impressed.

So even though the example I'm sharing today isn't a farming product, I think this story will have massive impact as it shows you how a small business can take a marketing framework and turn it into practical steps.

You'll see what attraction strategy they relied on, how they used SEO to their advantage, how they set up their offer to get me to convert, how they coached testimonials and reviews for social proof, how they overcame my objections and questions, and what they did to surprise and delight me.

I also share application questions along the way, to help you take this sales funnel and apply it to YOUR business.

Sales funnels are necessary if you want to move clients through a high-ticket offer like a CSA. Sometimes the best way to learn the framework is to see it in action in another business!