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My Digital Farmer | Marketing Strategies for Farmers

Jan 25, 2023

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When you're a brand-new farm business, it's hard to break into the market. You can't just throw your product onto a website and hope people will buy it. First, you have to make people aware you exist, get them to take a second look, build a relationship so they trust you, get them on your email list, and finally serve them up an initial offer that's compelling enough.

So how do you make people aware you exist?

Today's guest is a long-time farmer who is making the switch from wholesale to direct-to-consumer markets, and he is working through ALL the things a "new" business goes through trying to establish brand awareness. This podcast is part interview/ part consulting call, where you get to listen behind the scenes as we talk around this question: How do you get the word out to the world that you exist? 

This podcast brings up so many good marketing points -- especially if you're a new business. My guest also shares a couple of gems that I've never explored that could be REALLY effective in your marketing. 

Tyler mentions a tool called Bonjoro, which allows you embed video testimonials into your website. (VERY COOL IDEA!)

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