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My Digital Farmer | Marketing Strategies for Farmers

Mar 1, 2023

This winter, I decided I wanted to learn how to speak Spanish. I subscribed to the language app called Duolingo, and every day, I get a new lesson that builds on the last. They started with the basics like "how to say hello." Then I learned how to introduce myself to someone and tell them where I was from. Now I'm learning how to order coffee, ask for directions, or buy clothes from the store. The only way to master a language is to focus on the fundamentals first, then build on that.

Today, in honor of my 200th episode, I thought it would be fitting to review the "fundamentals" of marketing and sales. These are my top 10 principles and lessons that I've taught since the start of this podcast. I know I've shared a lot of "shiny" strategies and ideas on this show over the years. But if we had to go back to the fundamentals, what are the elements we  need to "master" that truly drive results?

Here is a quick list of marketing fundamentals I discuss in this episode:

  1. Every product has an ideal customer. Figure out what yours is.
  2. Tell people where and how to start working with you.
  3. Start building an email list, and learn how to write a great weekly email (so you can eventually pitch offers)
  4. The goal of social media is to attract your ideal customer and get them onto your email list. Create posts that cause this to happen.
  5. Keep your eye on the ultimate target: the Lifetime Customer Value $$.
  6. Your customers want to buy more things from you. So make more products so you can pitch them.
  7. Focus more time and money on helping your customers experience success with your product. This has a huge ROI, and solves the retention problem.
  8. You are selling a transformation. Your product is just a catalyst for this greater transformation.
  9. Yes lives in the land of no. You must not be afraid of getting "no's" when you pitch your offer. It is just part of the gig.
  10. Learn different ways to build an offer. There are lots of ways to pitch and package your products to get people to want them. Learn this skill. Study it.

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Some of the resources mentioned in this episode:

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