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My Digital Farmer | Marketing Strategies for Farmers

May 10, 2023

Are customers experiencing success with your product?

Or are they overwhelmed and confused once they get it in their kitchen? (Maybe they're not even using the product because they've given up on it!?)

Yikes! As a marketer, our job is not just to get our customers to buy. We ALSO need to make sure they experience a "win" with the product! We want them to LOVE it, know how to use it, and feel like a winner!

This "customer win" may not happen on its own, especially for things like bulk beef buys or CSA, which are confusing to understand and hard to do well at first. If you don't have a process for product "fulfillment" in your business -- aka helping your client achieve success with the product -- then it's quite possible that your customer is hitting a wall somewhere along the way and feeling like a failure.

And if they are... your clients won't come back and buy again.

Customer retention is the result of a strong system for product fulfillment. Have you built a system for this in your business?

In today's podcast, I share what this system can look like for your farm business. I go through 4 key pieces of a fulfillment strategy, and I give LOTS of examples (and tools) for how this can look in various farm enterprises.

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Some of the resources mentioned in this episode:

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A to Z Vegetable Storage Guide Canva Template -- one of the first problems your veggie clients needs to solve is how to STORE their veggies properly (so they last longer!). Help them learn this skill by giving them my A to Z Veggie Storage Guide. This 40 page guide includes a picture of every veggies, storage tips, and how to cook it. It's a great way to empower your members and make them feel like you have their backs! Make a great impression and look uber-generous. Grab the Canva template and customize the front page with your own branding. Use it as a lead magnet too!

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