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My Digital Farmer | Marketing Strategies for Farmers

Jan 24, 2024

Farm website updates.

Ugh. If you're like most farmers, you cringe at the thought of working on your website. It feels overwhelming, time consuming and ultra confusing. What do you say? How do you set it up technically?  How do you even get started?!

In today's episode, I interview an actual website designer who works specifically with farmers to design or rebuild farm websites. She has seen it all. We talk through the 3 most important elements that need to be on your farm's website home page, and what's at stake if you get them wrong!! 

You'll hear great conversation around the importance of visuals, CTA buttons, navigation, testimonials, knowing your customer, and creating clarity for the potential buyer. We also talk through the process for finding and hiring a website designer, so that you get someone who will deliver a great end product and set you up to maintain it easily after they're done. If you're thinking about building or refreshing your farm website, this is a MUST-LISTEN to guide your plan of action.

Today's Podcast Guest: Jean-Marie Merkle

Meet Jean-Marie Merkle: an extroverted maximalist with a passion for branding, project management, and regenerative agriculture. After working at design and advertising agencies in New York and Philadelphia for over a decade, burnout hit, and she moved to Tennessee to throw herself into farming. A car crash, the pandemic, and some cosmic alignment led to her forming her own agency, Dig Digital. Now she lives in Lancaster County, PA collaborating with farmers and food businesses to improve their digital presence through design and marketing. 

Learn more about Jean-Marie's services on her website:

Follow her on Instagram @dig__digital

Some of the resources mentioned in this episode:

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We reference the Chrome Extension Go Full Page. This tool will allow you to take full screenshots of individual URL pages, so you can reference them as templates later. 

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