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My Digital Farmer | Marketing Strategies for Farmers

Mar 20, 2024

How do you market a flower subscription CSA? That's the topic of today's podcast, which is actually a recording from ANOTHER show I was on last week. I was interviewed for the Dirt on Flowers podcast, and the episode turned out SO good that I asked if I could share the recording of the episode with MY podcast audience. 

Tune in as co-hosts Shannon Allen from Bloomfield Farm and Lyndsay Biehl of Wildroot Flower Co. grill me on how to find the perfect customer avatar for a flower farm, what kind of marketing content to make to attract leads into your farm business, and how to pitch your offer so that people want to stick around from year to year. We get REALLY practical, and I drop all kinds of ideas to try. 

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Some of the resources mentioned in this episode:

The Dirt on Flowers Podcast -- Today's interviewers are the co-hosts of this awesome podcast. If you are a flower farmer, make sure you subscribe to their podcast. Every week, cohosts Shannon Allen and Lyndsay Biehl talk farm business, marketing, and growing techniques to help you create the farm of your dreams.

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My Digital Farmer Podcast Episode 209 Selling Inspiration - My Interview with Lyndsay Biehl of Wildroot Flower Co. - my interviewer from today's podcast was on MY show a few months ago. Listen to her awesome advice on how to build a brand following.

Webinar: Maximizing E-Commerce Success: Crafting Offers to Boost Farm Sales on March 25, at 12 PM EST -- join me and my cohost Nina Galle from LocalLine, as we teach how to create offers that will drive traffic to your online store and get them to buy. Learn what makes a compelling offer, and share some examples of what's worked well in your business with our guests.We'll also show some ways you can configure your store settings to make it more likely someone takes your offer.  Register for free at Recording will be available to anyone who registers.

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