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My Digital Farmer | Marketing Strategies for Farmers

Dec 7, 2022

In this week's episode, I wanted to share a very cool Thanksgiving project we did last year called "Feed the Need" bags. It served as a way for us to donate our produce to people in need, but USE OUR CUSTOMERS as the vehicle to do so. We found that this initiative created so much momentum and positive goodwill in our community. We were going to give the food away anyway.... but to invite our customers to be the ones who personally gave it away, and to see them get energized and generous -- that was powerful!
It actually ended up creating a lot of revenue for us too -- although that was not the goal. It drove people to the store to claim a bag. Then while they were there, they ended up buying other things. I was reminded of the principle that when you are generous, the blessing comes back to you ten-fold. This was definitely the case. Take a listen to hear how it works, and I challenge you to find a way to use this idea in our own business. Multiply your generosity by channeling the power of your customers!
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