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My Digital Farmer | Marketing Strategies for Farmers

Sep 14, 2022

Somebody buys your product. Then what happens?... 

Many business owners think that the work of sales and marketing is now over. The customer bought the product, and now we're done.


In today's episode, I talk about the VERY important phase of the sales process called "product fulfillment." I share lots of examples of what this can look like, and why spending just a few hours optimizing your workflow in this area can lead to WAY more profits.

Sometimes it can take a while for your product to deliver its promise. You need to be there guiding the way, to make sure it happens.

If your product consistently delivers quality results, your customers will come back again and again... AND they'll refer new clients to you. That translates to more profits.

Sometimes the fastest way to grow your revenue is just to make sure you're delivering a quality result every time.

This episode will help you think through this process. WORTH EVERY SECOND. Listen now.