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My Digital Farmer | Marketing Strategies for Farmers

Nov 16, 2022

Every year, I run an "early renewal" promotion to my CSA members, to try and get as many of them as possible to sign up for next summer's CSA season. Getting them locked in early gives me a sense of security and peace of mind -- not to mention enough cash flow for the spring. But how do I do it? 

In this week's podcast, I perform an audit of this year's CSA Early Renewal Campaign that I launched this fall. It ran for 8 days from October 15-22, 2022, and got 85% of my members to renew (and pay) for 2023. I'm sharing the marketing principles that were at play in making this one of my most successful promotions to date. You'll learn why I'm now so confident that I can generate these sales -- even with an $80 price increase!

Whether you're a CSA farmer or not, there are some gems hiding inside this episode, that can help you get your customer to buy when you want them to.

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