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My Digital Farmer | Marketing Strategies for Farmers

Dec 14, 2022

Ever wonder how to incorporate text messaging into your farm business? This question comes up a LOT from farmers who are trying to find a way to attract new clients AND get them to buy from their store on a regular basis. With open rates of text messages being so high, an SMS app can be a great investment for your marketing budget.

In today's episode, I interview Aubrey Seiler from She shares exactly how she attracts new customers to her business using an SMS texting app called Community. You'll hear examples of the kinds of messages she sends to connect with her clients and get them to buy within an hour each week. She also breaks down her website messaging, as well as her e-commerce platform features that matter most.

Who is Aubrey Seiler?

Aubrey helps run the family farm business started by her younger brother 10 years ago. is located in south-central Oklahoma. They grow around 30 vegetable varieties on 3 acres using intensive growing practices, and are certified organic. Their farm provides produce for families in their local communities and wholesale accounts in Oklahoma City. 

Community Texting App -- Aubrey uses this SMS texting app to manage her customers.

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