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My Digital Farmer | Marketing Strategies for Farmers

Feb 23, 2022

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What keeps my CSA members coming back year after year?

I'm telling you now... it isn't just the vegetables. 

In this episode, I interview one of my CSA's strongest members, Esther Hertzfeld. Esther and her husband have been with our CSA for 9 years. She shares her journey from rookie member to CSA Facebook group influencer to CSA site host to ultimate brand ambassador for Shared Legacy Farms!

What drove Esther to sign up with us in the first place? But more importantly... what keeps her coming back?

Use this episode to help you peek inside the motivation of a quintessential CSA client.

What makes them tick? What do people like her look like? How can you find more of them? And what do you have to do to keep them coming back?